What is the Indian Boarding Homes Class Action?

The Indian Boarding Homes Program was an educational program created by the Government of Canada, which placed children from First Nations communities and Inuit villages in other communities (usually non-Indigenous) to stay in private family homes for the purpose of attending school.

This settlement is in response to two legal actions (Superior Court of Quebec and Federal Court cases) filed on behalf of children who suffered harassment, abuse, loss of language and culture, and other harms as a result of their participation in the Indian Boarding Homes Program. Through the litigation, plaintiffs sought compensation, recognition, and justice for their experiences and harms suffered.

The claim process is not open yet. The claims process will start on Wednesday August 21, 2024.

The Notice of Settlement will be issued on Tuesday May 21, 2024, and from that date you can contact the Claims Administrator with any questions about the class action settlement or the claim process.

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If you do not want to receive compensation under the settlement and wish to keep your right to bring your own lawsuit regarding your participation in the Indian Boarding Homes Program, you must submit an Opt Out form before the Opt-Out deadline of Monday July 22, 2024. To submit an opt out, complete the online form or download a PDF copy and mail it to class counsel.

If you live outside Canada, you must use the PDF Opt Out form.